Introduction to Practical Basic Pistol I

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This class will teach you the basics of safely firing a semi-auto pistol or revolver.  Students are taught basic ammunition identification, firearm operations, and shooting fundamentals. Students are shown how to improve their shooting skills with various shooting positions, individual skills such as seasonal equipment selection development, and range time. Students will be able to engage stationary targets from a stationary platform at 15 yards with their selected weapon. Students will also be introduced to Low-light, no-light shooting at night in order to help them better choose the best equipment for their needs.  The students must bring a firearm, hearing protection and a box of 200 rounds for their own use.  All  classes will vary in start time due to the inclusion of the night fire portion.

Students are required to have their own firearm! Class requirements also include AT LEAST 200 rounds of ammo, spare magazine or speed loader, a hand held or weapon-mounted flashlight, and eye and hearing protection.

Course Size: Limited to 12 Students

Course Length: 7 hours/1 day

Tuition: $150.00

Classroom: 0 / Range:  7 hours