About us

Warrior Ranch LLC, is a small arms training & resource center located in Brookwood, Alabama; and a product of over 20 years of  military service. We became fully operational on March 2015, offering 15 yard pistol ranges, shotgun training lanes, and a 600 yard rifle range; as well as an on-site custom repair shop, to compliment our store facility and classrooms.

Firearm Ranges are open to the public when classes or Law Enforcement/Military training sessions are not in session! Range fees are $12.99 per hour, per person. Certain ranges may have blackout dates due to scheduled courses, LEO Firearms Qualifications, or private training events (See our Facebook page for the latest updates!). Summer/Fall 2020 Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday thru Thursday: Ranges for Members Only

Friday: 10 AM until 8 PM

Saturday: 9 AM until 8 PM

Sunday: 1 PM until 8 PM

We are currently teaching Pistol I, Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPIH), Personal Defense Outside the Home (PPOH), and Advanced Pistol Training (Pistol II). Carbine I Introduction to Rifles (Rifle I), Not a Victim, and Individual Movement Tactics I were added after February 2015. We are continuously updating our Program of Instruction (POIs) to reflect customer demands, requirements, and emerging industry trends worth emulating.

We are a family oriented training facility, specializing in first time gun owners and novices. Our instructors are all NRA certified and have a passion for training.

Warrior Ranch Training Center provides reliable and relevant training solutions that prepare you for surviving every-day threats. Learn how to defend yourself and those in your care, in day or low light environments, by challenging yourself both mentally and physically. Our training cadre are experienced and proven professionals with combat experience over multiple tours in various theaters of operation around the world.

Membership details and benefits such as “tee time” reservations, are available.

Our Range Shop supports all of our classroom and range operations; as well as serving as a convenient on-site ammo and shooting facility. We offer firearm “tune-ups”, as well as bore-sighting alignment, test firing, ammunition, and firearm cleanings as well as repairs.

Call us today at 205-409-6091