Basic Pistol - Full Warrior Ranch Certification - Ladies Only

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This class will teach you the basics of safely utilizing a semi-auto pistol or revolver, and the cleaning/maintenance techniques necessary to ensure the proper function and longevity of your investment in the firearm.  As in the 3 hour version of the course, students are taught basic ammunition identification, selection, and ballistics. The difference between the two courses is the additional 3 hours covering assembly, disassembly, function tests, and extensive maintenance tasks are taught and reinforced, emphasizing independence from others and a self-sufficient mentality. Students are then given instruction in all manner of firearm operations, how to transport firearms, multiple shooting positions, introduced to seasonal equipment selection/development, and an open question session through range time. Students will be able to engage stationary targets from a stationary platform with their selected weapon.  

Students are required to have their own firearm! Class requirements also include 100 rounds of ammo, spare magazine or speed loader, eye and hearing protection. 

Course Size: Limited to 12 Students

Course Length: 7 hours/1 day

Tuition: $ 55.00  (after 21 SEPT 2019)

Classroom: 3 hours / Range: 4 hours