Home Defense (Personal Protection Inside the Home/PPIH) - NRA Certification

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This is an intermediate class and the student should have intermediate firearms skills prior to taking this course.  Learn about maintaining your skills, avoiding criminal attack, controlling a violent situation within your home, local firearms laws, weapons selection, safe weapons storage & access within the home the use of cover and concealment. Students are taught and stressed with efficient tactical shooting positions, one handed shooting, low light sight alignment, jam clearing, reloading, optional uses to deadly force, shotgun uses and close quarters combat basics. Each student makes a classroom presentation and must demonstrate his or her understanding of the course content through a written exam and pass a shooting skills proficiency course.


Students will be required to provide a home defense weapon (handgun or shotgun) with which they are familiar and bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition for their own use and a minimum of two magazines/speed loaders. 


Course Length: 14-hours/2 days                    

Tuition: $ 250.00          

Class:  7 hours / Range: 7 hours