Pistol II (Personal Protection Outside the Home/PPOH) - NRA Certification

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 This course is at an Intermediate and Advanced level, designed around the real world operational experiences of your instructor cadre, is a course requirement for multiple States to earn a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCP/CCW) emphasizing many techniques and practical applications of concealed carry, and covering some of the same parameters as Personal Protection Inside the Home.

Instruction includes concealed carry equipment selection and carry methods, self-defense tactics, shooting multiple targets, shooting on the move and engaging multiple threats at extended range.  Vehicle security and shooting from within and around a vehicle are also taught, as well as low light/flashlight shooting skills.  The legal aspects of defensive shootings will also be covered according to the state laws as presented by our guest speaker. Students will be proficient with: handling their sidearm under stress, advanced marksmanship, drawing from a holster in a tactical manner, instinctively assessing and rapidly correcting problems with the sidearm, various firing positions, shooting on the move, increased target distances, running engagement courses, scenario shooting, engaging multiple targets at close range, situational awareness, and the requisite physical & mental conditioning that comes with this lifestyle choice. Each student must bring a handgun with which they are very familiar and 400 rounds of ammunition for their own use, along with 2 magazines. Students will participate in realistic self-defense scenarios designed to enhance learning by progressively adding realistic and relevant stress to everyday situations.  This course is also offered as a Ladies only, taught by female Instructors. All students wishing to attend this course MUST have successfully completed Personal Protection Inside the Home prior to acceptance into this course and be at least 21 years of age.  


Students are required to have their own firearm! Class requirements also include 400 rounds of ammo, spare magazine or speed loader, eye and hearing protection.


Class size: limited to 12 students.

Course Length: 18-hours/2 day         

Tuition: $ 350.00        

Classroom: 5 hours / Range: 4 hours