Warrior Ranch 2-Gun Match

You asked, and we listened! Warrior Ranch is hosting it's next 2 gun Match (rifle and pistol). Consisting of two stages with a combination of steel and cardboard targets, each shooter will need 60 rounds of pistol ammo and 60 rounds of rifle ammo to complete each match. If you have any questions, feel free to call the shop for details (205-409-6091).

Entry fee is $20.00 members, and $25.00 for non-members.

2-Gun is a competitive sport designed with all levels of training in mind.
Experienced and inexperienced competitors alike can come together to train and practice in a safe and challenging setting. Competitors will be pushed to think and react to targets while maintaining safety and situational awareness, as well as pushed to develop important skill sets like maintaining trigger control under
simulated duress, performing quick and efficient reloads, and utilizing problem solving skills while determining the best way to shoot a stage. All of these skills built throughout shooting 2-gun matches will enable quick-thinking and fine motor skills that can be useful in not only other competitions, but extended to life-saving self-defense skills in real world and speculative scenarios. Above all, we are here to have fun and be safe.