Basic Pistol - Full Warrior Ranch Certification - Ladies Only

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This class will teach you the basics of safely utilizing a semi-auto pistol or revolver, and the cleaning/maintenance techniques necessary to ensure the proper function and longevity of your investment in the firearm.  As in the 3 hour version of the course, students are taught basic ammunition identification, selection, and ballistics. The difference between the two courses is the additional 3 hours covering assembly, disassembly, function tests, and extensive maintenance tasks are taught and reinforced, emphasizing independence from others and a self-sufficient mentality. Students are then given instruction in all manner of firearm operations, how to transport firearms, multiple shooting positions, introduced to seasonal equipment selection/development, and an open question session through range time. Students will be able to engage stationary targets from a stationary platform with their selected weapon.  

Course Size: Limited to 12 Students

Course Length: 7 hours/1 day

Tuition: $ 50.00  

Classroom: 3 hours / Range: 4 hours