Warrior Ranch Concealed/Open Carry Night Fire

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Did you know that Warrior Ranch teaches a once a month Low Light / Night Fire Pistol Class? It may be one thing to know some of the relevant illumination aspects in theory, but being able to apply a variety of these techniques in a safe manner while supervised by highly-qualified retired military and NRA-certified personnel is an outstanding opportunity. According to the FBI most crimes take place at night, and /or under poor lighting conditions. Yet seldom do people get a chance to train under the very same conditions that they may well have to fight in.

This course is designed with 1 hour in the classroom, covering the different aspects of low-light/no light, 1 hour of daylight/dryfire, & two hours of live-fire in night fire/lowlight conditions. This course will cover the advances in night sights, low flash powder, and shooting behind barricades, etc., and: Flashlights, Lasers Sights, Ammunition choices, using the darkness to your advantage, the proper use of handheld lights in conjunction with the handgun, and much more .....

The course will run for four hours 4 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. and the cost is $75 dollars. Seats must be reserved ahead of time, since class size will be limited to 14 students per class! 

Students are required to have their own firearm! Class requirements also include 150 rounds of ammo, spare magazine or speed loader, eye and hearing protection.